When Does Evolution Optimise?
On the relation between types of density dependence and evolutionarily stable life history parameters

J.A.J. Metz, S.D. Mylius & O. Diekmann, 1996.  IIASA Working Paper WP-96-004.  International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria


In this paper we (i) put forward a simple notational device clarifying the, undeniable but generally ignored, role of density dependence in determining evolutionarily stable life histories, (ii) use this device to derive necessary and sufficient conditions for (a) the existence of an evolutionary extremisation principle, and (b) the reduction of such a principle to straight r- or R0-maximisation, (iii) use the latter results to analyse a simple concrete example showing that the details of the population dynamical embedding may influence our evolutionary predictions to an unexpected extent.

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